Microsoft Chart Collaboration’s Course

CRN | Breaking News | IBM, Microsoft Chart Collaboration’s Course: “Make no mistake. Whether you are talking about portals, embedded instant messaging or Web conferencing, collaboration has become a hot business. While much of the software market has been on ice of late (think enterprise applications), technologies that help bridge people, information and systems are in demand, driven by a rampant desire to make workers and businesses ever more efficient.
At the hub of it all sit the industry’s big guns, IBM and Microsoft. Both have been pushing collaboration aggressively this past year, launching new wares and services and, in particular, selling partners on the chance to create an unlimited number of solutions using their tools. From a technology perspective, the rivals’ approaches vary (IBM hews to its server-side middleware foundation and a browser; Microsoft anchors collaboration at the desktop), but what both companies are doing has helped propel the market far beyond e-mail to a state of real-time collaboration and workflow that marries both front- and back-end data.”…

Nice article on the Collaboration “push” and yet a good example of “clear” IBM messaging around Notes and Workplace.