Study: VoIP costs all over the map

Study: VoIP costs all over the map | CNET “Companies trying to deploy Internet phone calling–voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP–will face varied costs depending on the technology provider, according to a report release earlier this week. Corporate VoIP start-up costs can range from $515 to $1,512 per user, according to Nemertes Research. Phone systems from ShoreTel and Nortel are the least expensive vendors while Avaya and Cisco are the most expensive.
The report added that companies with more than 1,000 employees will spend an average of $525 per user for start-up costs. Companies with fewer than 100 will spend $763 per user.”

As you probably know VOIP is one of the topics I am very interested in. The technology is maturing and the solutions are popping up in both the corparate as well as the private area.
Wait and see how Microsoft’s ‘Istanbul’ and partner solutions are going to make waves in this market …