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December 03, 2006


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Thanks for stopping by ... I missed our "conversations"

The new phone is great and not at all as you perceive it to be. You base your experience with Windows Mobile on rather old stuff and try and compare it to your new and shiny Pearl. Apples and Oranges mate ...

And you know what ? Openeing the box and 30 minutes of software installation gave me :

- Corporate email, agenda, contacts, tasks (out of the box with Exchange ;-) )
- Corporate IM & Presenece (Mobile Communicator / Live Communications Server)
- WiFi connection at the Office (and the same evening the home WiFi as well)
- When in the office the ability to access SharePoint Sites
- Mobile TypePad (my blog service Provider)

To put it short. This is my office on the go just as it should be. Batterylife (incl wifi) is 2+ days which suits my needs fine as I can charge in the car, via my tablet with the standard USB cable.

As for the Zune ... I am not "defending" my choice over iPod. I like the design of the iPod and Apply in general, but I am a Microsoftie as well. I very much like and support what Microsoft does. and what suits me fine is the fact that I don't have to hate it ... no ABM here :-. The device simply suits my needs, it plays my audio, video and (after some conversion) my recorded TV. All I want, as simple as that.

Why is Microsoft in these business models ? to make money. Maybe not today / this year or next year but in the end it will pay off. Apple has certainly proven that there's more money in iPods than there is for them selling PC's who doesn't want a chank of that market.
Remember the cynical remars being made when Microsoft started MSN ? consumers ? IM ? well this strategy is gradually taking shape.
and Xbox is also gping in the right direction I would say.
All totally different markets / audiences and I very much like the fact that Microsoft is spreading focus and therefor income /risk etc.

Looking at the stockprices over the last month some people seem to like what Microsoft is doing and want more of this.

And in the end Microsoft just may be able to leverage investments / market presence in ways you and I haven't really thought of today ..

So you've now got a phone that looks larger than a blackberry - presumably with a terrible (sub three days) battery life, thats far less secure.

(Windows phones, BTW, have an apalling reputation with the carriers with over a 50% Return to Manufacturer rate in the first year with hardware faults. They're fragile).

I tried one for a year - never again.

And you have a Zune. Which is like an iPod, but doesnt work as well, has far less supported accessorries, vendors, etc, and is a little uglier. Oh and only talks to this version of the MS shop. Not even the previous version of the MS Shop. Which begs the question - will it talk to the next version ?

Its a shame. I really hope that these devices get traction in the market - windows phones/CE devices have been a sinkhole for MS money for over ten years now - and so therefore compete with the obvious market leaders.

But why is MS in these marketplaces in the first place, with obvious challenges to its only two profitable software lines - Windows and Office ? Linux and Openoffice is basically eating MS's lunch down there in SMB land with good, bug-free feature releases on a 9-month cycle. A little less than the seven year cycle for Vista ?

The sooner Balmer announces his retirement and these "Ego" projects disappear, the better for the poor MS shareholders..

---* Bill

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